Tech Tuesday Is Back! Introducing the Smok V8 Stick Kit!

It's been a while since we last did a Tech Tuesday blog, but we're back at it with something really awesome! New to VistaVapors, the Smok V8 Stick is a relatively new release from Smok that takes a simple approach to a great vape!
Smok V8 Stick kit
You'll notice in the picture that there's only one button on the battery of this kit, and that's what simplicity is all about! No need to mess around with wattage, voltage, external batteries, temperature control...none of that. With the Smok V8 Stick kit, you're getting a high-volume tank with a low-ohm coil that will produce tons of vapor, but all you've got to do is click one button! 
The battery is a 3000mAh unregulated cell, so when it's fully charged it will output at around 4.2 volts. As the battery loses life, it will lose power down to around 3.4 volts, at which point you'll need to throw it on a charger. 
Atop the battery sits the newest iteration of the Cloud Beast tank, the Big Baby Beast! It holds approximately 5ml's of vape juice, and features a pre-installed 0.15Ω coil for great clouds and flavor! In the kit you'll also receive a prebuilt 0.25Ω coilhead that will also produce some incredible flavor!
For just $34.99 at you can take home the Smok V8 Stick Kit, which contains the above mentioned items, a USB Charging cable, a user manual, spare parts, and a vape band! Grab yours today, and experience a great vape in a simple-to-use package!


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