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FDA Calls for Comment on Drug Therapy Proposal

We have arrived. The FDA is considering cozying-up even closer to Big Pharma in a proposed effort to mitigate youth tobacco and nicotine use through, you guessed it, more drug therapies. If you've spent more than 30 seconds researching the effects of drug therapies on helping smokers quit cigarettes, you'll see there's little evidence that they work for the majority of quitters, and even more evidence that many of these "therapies" actually have an adverse effect on those that use them, from depression symptoms to nausea, etc. Here we sit, though, nearly all the way through 2018, and the FDA has fallen back into the pit of "drugs will fix our problems", and if we don't express our displeasure with drugging up kids even-more, the FDA will continue their policy agenda of appeasing to pharmaceutical companies, for-profit advocacy groups, and bough-and-sold lawmakers.

Just to be clear, even though we shouldn't have to explain our position any furthe…

What are Nicotine Salts? A Guide for All Vapers

What are Nicotine Salts? Beginner's Guide to Salt E-Liquid

Whether you're new to vaping, or you've been in the game for a while, you've probably heard some of the buzz surrounding "Nicotine Salts" and have wondered, "What on Earth is that?" Don't worry, we've all been there. Today, we'll go through all of the ins-and-outs of Nicotine Salts, what they are, what they do to vape juice, and who they're meant for. Join us! Decisions, Decisions: What do I choose? Vape juice has been comprised of the same four ingredients since vaping became a wide-spread phenomenon: Food Grade Flavoring, Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and, of course, Nicotine. While you can often change your preferences for Flavors, PG/VG blends, and Nicotine Strength, you haven't been able to choose the chemical state of your Nicotine, until now. Freebase Nicotine Traditionally, vape juice uses a pure-form of nicotine, often referred to as Freebase N…

OPINION: Dr. Hilary Jones UK "Go vape!"

Dr. Hilary Jones is a British General Practitioner, Author, TV personality, and Public Speaker, and has spent much of his life providing medical advice both to other doctors as well as citizens alike. Just this morning, his opinion piece in The Sun, a British and Irish publication, was released. He makes some very powerful arguments in favor of vaping and vape juice, and we think you're really going to enjoy what he wrote. Here's a sample, followed by a link to the remainder of the article:

"MANY people still believe that vaping is just as bad for you as smoking ordinary cigarettes. But it isn’t. They also think that because you are inhaling nicotine in the vapour of e-cigarettes you are just as likely to get lung cancer as you would smoking tobacco. You are not. There are also worries that vaping will act as a gateway for young people, who have never smoked, to progress to traditional cigarettes and ruin their health as a result. They are fears, too, that it will “norma…

Study: Vaping Does Not Stain Your Teeth

A recent study published in the American Journal of Dentistry suggests some pretty incredible findings. While we know the negative effects of cigarettes on your health, we haven't had many opportunities to truly compare how cigarettes affect your health vs. e-cigarettes and vape juice. This study provides us a small glimpse into the effect of cigarettes and vapor products on your dental health; something that should be of paramount concern to anyone who is a current or former smoker.

While it's no fun to go to the dentist, it's actually very important. Your mouth is not only the place you put your food for sustenance, it's also the place in your body that's most exposed to germs and other bacteria. If you want to be healthy, keep your mouth healthy. That's not a saying, it's just the truth. This is why it's recommended that you brush twice a day and floss and use mouthwash. Not just to have a great smile, but to actually promote health and wellness in t…

How do I get started Vaping?

Vaping truly is a one-of-a-kind technology. If you look at the history of technology and how it's evolved, you'll see solutions to problems everywhere; that's what's made technology so valuable to our society. Vaping and vape juice absolutely fit in this category of tech, but the major difference is this: Vaping is one of the few pieces of technology deliberately designed as a means of saving consumers from the "non-tech" alternative option.

There are other technologies that fit in this category as well. Driving assistance technology in new cars is a great example. It's safer to allow the vehicle to navigate a dangerous patch of road than it is to navigate it yourself, especially if it's an unknown scenario. Another example would be Bluetooth connections and hands-free connections in cars. More accidents are caused by distractions than anything else, and car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. How do you solve this …

Vaping vs. Cigarettes: Are we still talking about this?

It's been what, a decade, since vaping has been under scrutiny by the government, special interest groups, and pharmaceutical companies? Pretty darn close. Whether it's batteries, vape juice, nicotine, or flavoring, it seems there's always something to point the proverbial finger at as a reason to stay away from vaping. However, the lack of consistency, the lack of claims that actually "stick", and most importantly - the antagonistic reporting on this method of nicotine replacement, have all seemingly forgotten one thing: Cigarettes are the problem here. It's cigarettes that got these adults addicted to nicotine and nearly 4,000 other chemicals, likely for decades. It's cigarettes that are behind the deaths of over 5 million people each year around the world. It's cigarettes that caused lifelong diseases for more than 16 million Americans. While the Royal College of Physicians study from 2016 points to e-cigarettes being 95% safer than cigarettes, he…

Is there really an 'epidemic' of teen vaping?

The Commissioner of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb, recently released a statement regarding the 'epidemic' of teen vaping that's taking place in the United States. Some of the statement included comments on advertising, while some were on vape juice. While the message depicts a dismal, frightening landscape of teenagers vaping everywhere from schools to bedrooms, the numbers don't necessarily agree with the claims. In agreement with the FDA, we also want teen vaping to decline. However, to call the current levels an 'epidemic' is somewhat misleading. Let's dig into the data and see where it leads.

First and foremost, we need to be clear about the definition of the word Epidemic. We are, after all, discussing whether or not teen vaping is at epidemic levels. An Epidemic is defined by Webster's Dictionary as: "affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time", wh…

Alex's Top 5 Favorite Vape Juices!

Ever wonder what the employees at VistaVapors choose for their vape juice? Which flavors they think are the best on our site? If so, today's blog should be one you enjoy! We're going to cover Alex's Top 5 Favorite Vape Juices at VistaVapors! Enjoy, and give them a try! Here's what he had to say:

5. Mud Bath from the Dirty Pig Line - Are you a fan of Caramel Apples? How about Cotton Candy? What about together?! That's essentially what Mud Bath is, actually! I'm a huge fan of both of those flavors, but I guess I'd never imagined what they might taste like together until I tried Mud Bath for the first time. It's pretty sweet, which is the only reason it's not my "#1" flavor of all time. I can usually vape a full 30ml of it before I'm interested in switching to one of my ADV's, but seriously, this flavor is so good. It's a really nice "candy" flavor that I think anyone would enjoy, if not LOVE!

4. Sour Grapes from the Suc…


Today's blog is all about sub-ohm tanks; here at VistaVapors, we love ourselves some sub-ohm tanks! Our passion for making high-quality and flavorful vape juice was made even more passionate by the evolution of sub-ohm tanks, and today, we can't wait to share with you what we think are the best sub-ohm tanks of 2018! We'll start with Number 3 and work our way to Number 1!

Number 3: eLeaf ELLO Vate Tank
This tank arrives on the eLeaf iStick Pico S kit, and is a cloud producing machine! One of the major positives of this tank is the fact that it holds around 6.5ml of vape juice, which is a dream for people who don't look forward to filling their tank. Another plus is the fill-method; featuring a "slide-to-open" top cap, something that's becoming a staple in tank designs, you'll be able to easily open the tank, fill it up, and close it without worrying about spilling juice while you're at it. On top of that, the flavor quality in this tank is, well, a…

CDC Study: Evaluation of Chemical Exposures at a Vape Shop

In a study produced by the CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services titled, "Evaluation of Chemical Exposures at a Vape Shop", in 2017, the DHHS and CDC studied the volume of airborne chemicals in a vape shop after employees and customers used vape juice in the store. What they found is very promising for the vaping industry, and proves (again!) the value of unbiased research over outside-funded studies meant to prompt public unrest. Let's dive into the study and see what we learned, shall we?

According to the highlights of the study provided in the write-up, the focus of the study was to evaluate the air quality in a particular vape shop for many of the chemicals as-named by the mainstream media and anti-vaping groups. What they found was really important for vapers and their health; a negligible quantity of each chemical was reported in the air, or, a "below occupational exposure limits" amount, which means two things: 1. Vaping still isn't 10…

New E-Juice Options at VistaVapors!

We take serious pride in our vape juice here at VistaVapors, and we're very excited to present to you the newest additions to our lineup! As a way to make it easier for new customers to try eJuices, and as a way for our existing customers to try a "one-stop" product, we've introduced the Fruit and Candy Sample Packs for only $17.99! Read below for more information on these great deals!

Our Fruit Sample Pack features the Top 5 Fruit flavors as reviewed by our customers! You'll find some delicious blends here, including Wild Berry and Razzleberry, as well as individual favorites like Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry! Wild Berry, as made famous by Vapin' Heathen on YouTube, is actually our Top-Selling flavor right now! It's a great blend of berries that you won't be able to set down! Blue Raspberry is another ultra-favorite from our customers, and if you're looking for something sweet and flavorful, don't sleep on Blue Raspberry! Anoth…

Tips and Tricks: How to Change Your Vape Coils the Right Way

Changing your coils out can be a real pain. Whether you'd like to change out which vape juice you're using, or you simply burned out the old one, putting a new coil in your tank doesn't have to be such a tedious process. In today's blog, we're going to share a few helpful steps you can take to make changing your coils an easy process!

1. Wait to change coils until your tank is almost empty - As simple as it sounds, this can be the most annoying part of changing your coils. If you start the process with a full tank, chances are pretty high you're going to spill some juice. Even if your coil is getting to the point that the flavor isn't great anymore, it's worth the wait. You don't want to spill juice everywhere!

2. Juice up the new coil before you install it into the tank - This one is also pretty straightforward, however, if done correctly, the break-in process can go a lot quicker! The easiest way to do this is to drip your juice of choice onto the…

Even more new Vape gear at VistaVapors!

We hit you a couple of weeks ago with a short list of awesome new products featured at, and we're right back at it this week! We've still got hundreds of vape juice flavors for you to enjoy, and now we've got even more new hardware for you to vape your favorite juices! Check them out!

SMOK X-Priv Kit
Smok is constantly finding ways to innovate on their already industry-leading product lineup, and the X-Priv Kit is no exception! In years past, as Smok has dropped their newest dual-battery kits, they've held a very similar form-factor and user interface. However, last year they updated their interface with the ProColor Kit, but kept the same form-factor in place. Well, they've done it again! Featuring the exact same form-factor that you've gotten so accustomed to seeing, the X-Priv now features buttons away from the screen for an easier time reading the display as well as an update on the tank! The X-Priv Kit features the new-and-notorious TFV12 Pri…

Top 5 "Summer" E-Juice Flavors!

Vaping isn't just a great way to quit smoking cigarettes, it's also something many people savor at the end of a long day. Now that summer is here, many vapers change things up and start using e-Juices that better-fit the season. While you might enjoy a sweet, dessert-like vape juice during part of the year, you might prefer a sharp and tangy e-Juice in the summer! In this blog, we'll cover our picks for the Top 5 "Summer" E-Juice Flavors so you can make sure you've got all you need for these warm summer months.

1. Pina Colada
There's about no drink on Earth that's more refreshing than a Pina Colada - the delicious combination of Pineapple and Coconut with a hint of Cherry makes for a sweet and flavorful e-Juice with a pleasant "summery" twist!  It's a customer favorite at VistaVapors, so we know you'll love it if you try!

2. Lemon Rain
What's more refreshing than a glass of Lemonade? Just about nothing, that's for sure! Try o…

New Vape Kits at VistaVapors!

Looking to update your vape gear? We were, too! Since we create and make all of our own vape juice, it had been a while since we'd gone into the realm of brand new hardware, so we're very excited to announce our new and growing selection of brand new vape kits!
We've got new stuff from Vaporesso, SMOK, eLeaf, GeekVape and more! Check some of them out below:eLeaf iStick Pico S:
eLeaf has done it again! The iStick Pico S is the culmination of a brilliant idea, and innovation upon that same idea. While eLeaf may have struck gold with their original Pico, there were certainly some flaws. Thanks to their designers, those flaws have been addressed in incredible fashion! Not only does the kit look beautiful, it operates wonderfully. With the removable battery tube, bubble-glass tank, and extremely comfortable form-factor, eLeaf has really found a way to impress the masses. Enjoy this kit! We certainly do!

Vaporesso NRG Tank
The NRG Tank by Vaporesso is a masterpiece. Simple as th…

Vape Juice Flavors and Harm Reduction

One of the major concerns of public health officials and advocacy groups regarding vaping is the inclusion of flavoring in e-juice. It is often reported that vape juice flavors are an industry problem and are causing more harm than help, but, the data argue otherwise.  According to a recent study published in the Harm Reduction Journal, a health journal that specializes in focusing on the study of harm reduction and products associated with it, "Restricting access to non-tobacco e-cigarette flavors may discourage smokers from attempting to switch to e-cigarettes." [1]. Let's find out why.
In a study that featured a survey of over 22,000 vapers from the United States, researchers learned that approximately 75% of those surveyed were vapers that had completely switched over from smoking. The remaining 25% of those surveyed were either vapers that continue to smoke or people who had vaped before but do not do so on a consistent basis. Those that responded as full-time vape…

How to Take Care of Your Vape in the Summer!

If you're like those of us that reside in Minnesota, you look forward to summer the way a dog looks forward to its evening treat! While you're wagging your tail for all this summer fun, keep in mind there are a few extra steps you'll want to take to make sure your vape and vape juice don't fall victim to the heat and you're fully prepared for your adventures in the sun! In today's blog, we'll go over some of those steps and get you all set for the summer months!

1. Bring Extras - One of the most overlooked steps to prepare for summer fun is to bring extra coils, batteries, a charger, and if you're planning on being extra-active, an extra tank and mod. While it might add a little extra weight and take up some extra space in your pack, you'll be really pleased with yourself if something were to happen to your device. If you're only planning on being out for a short while, get yourself a battery case to bring an extra pair with you!
That way, you…

ENDS Products "Markedly Safer" Than Combustible Tobacco, ACS Reports

Over the last 6 months, the American Cancer Society has changed its position on the harm of vaping products in relationship to traditional combustible tobacco, and it's good news for ENDS advocates. According to a recent statement released by the head physicians of the ACS, current-generation ENDS products, like vape juice, are, "markedly less harmful than combustible tobacco products" (1).

As described at the beginning of the report, the utmost priority of the ACS is to eliminate cancer caused by tobacco, namely cigarette smoking, which accounts for as much as 98% of all tobacco-related deaths in the United States (2). We are all aware of the well-deserved scrutiny that has been placed on cigarettes over the last several decades, with endless campaigns and warnings issued to encourage consumers to avoid using them, but there has been a recent surge of scrutiny of vaping and e-cigarettes as their popularity has risen.

Many advocacy groups and major news sites, as well as…