Weekly Deals at Vistavapors: What's on Tap?

Greetings, Vapers! We're back again with another blog at VistaVapors, and this week we're going to explore our Weekly Deals, what they mean for you, and what's on tap for this week!
When it comes to savings, there's really nothing better than consistency. Traditionally, you'll find that a store will offer some of their best-selling hardware and vape juice at a sale price on occasion throughout the business year. At VistaVapors, we do things differently. Not only do we offer some of the lowest prices on the market, you'll find that each week we're offering another customer favorite at a very discounted price in our Weekly Deals
The beauty of our Weekly Deals isn't just that the sale items are top-rated, or even that they're customer favorites, it's that you can add them to your cart and save without even using a discount code! That's right - every item in our Weekly Deals section is at a discounted price already, so you can use codes like VISTATEN to save even more on your orders.
This week we've got quite the lineup of Vista products for you to save tons of money on, and that includes our Random 5 vape juice bundle! Usually, it's listed at $69.99, but this week it's all the way down to $39.99! You can also save on the Phantom 2 in 1 ecig Kit as well as the Mini Polestar vape tank, which are marked down to $20 and $15, respectively. Finally, if you're looking for some extra savings on eJuice, you can try out each one of the Hangry e liquids for only $10 a bottle, and cap it all off with some Sundae Drizzle for $4.99/17ml!
No matter what you're craving this week, no matter what your vape needs are, you're bound to find something in your wheelhouse in our Weekly Deals! If not this week there's always next week, which will promise a totally different lineup of amazing products and savings!
Vape On!


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