Doug Was Here! | An Interview With a Vista Vaper

As we've said before, we're like a family here at VistaVapors. Not only does it mean the world to us to be able to work alongside each other at Vista, but our customers are as much a part of the family as the employees are! 
Just a few weeks ago, we had a very special visit to Vista from a very special person. We were extremely fortunate to get to meet Doug and his wife Jade, who are both customers of VistaVapors! Doug is a former smoker who kicked the habit after 15 years. After picking up vaping, he's seen drastic improvements in his health, and has made the transition all the way down to 0mg nicotine! For someone that was once a 3 pack a day smoker, that is an accomplishment no one can shake a finger at! Below is the video of the interview that Lance conducted with Doug.

Doug coming to visit was such a special treat for us here. Not only are he and his wife great people, but it was an incredible experience to hear the testimony from someone who has made the transition away from cigarettes completely. On top of that, he even inspired us to try his own version of our Mix Your Own vape juice with Razzleberry and Chocolate; it is delicious! You can mix up his blend here.
There's something truly magical and inspiring about moments like this at work. We were just here having a regular Wednesday, and Doug and Jade turned that into a day to remember, for all of us. 
Doug and Jade, if you're reading this, thank you for coming by. It's folks like you two that make our jobs so special to us. We're very lucky to serve you and watch your journey, and even luckier to have met you!
To all others reading this blog, thank you for being a part of our family! It's the greatest one on Earth!
Vape on!


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