What's On Tap? Deals and More...

Greetings, Vapers! Today is Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. You read that correctly - it is May. Regardless of what month of the year it is, VistaVapors offers you a handful of Weekly Deals every single week, and this week is no different! Let's run through this week's deals for a little breakdown, shall we?
Ice Cream Cone
Unlike your traditional Ice Cream Cone that stays solid for about 32 seconds and then begins to melt into a sticky mess, our Ice Cream Cone absolutely will not melt! That's because it's an vape juice, and eJuice does not melt. You already knew that. Why am I telling you that?...Anyway! Ice Cream Cone combines the delicious crunchy taste of your favorite waffle cone, and delectable vanilla Ice Cream for a refreshing and tasty eJuice that you're bound to love! Try it this week for 10% off!
Taco Cat
Palindrome: (ˈpalənˌdrōm / noun) a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward
Palindromes are super fun, like racecar, and Taco Cat! Although it would have been normal to name a juice "Racecar" we're not normal! We're silly, and Taco Cat just sounded way more fun. Also, heads up, this juice does not taste like tacos. Or cats (we're not even sure what that would taste like). However, it is delicious, as it combines a twist of Mango, Lemon, and Raspberry to make a deliciously tart and fruity eJuice you will want to get your hands on! Try it this week for only $10 a bottle!
So you quit smoking, but you still enjoy the taste of tobacco? First of all, that is normal, and second of all, we are here to facilitate your needs! Lumberjax eJuice is a line of juices designed specifically to cater to that tobacco-lover who's looking to spice things up. Try Maple, a sweet and savory tobacco vape, or try Hickory to experience the widely-loved combination of tobacco and grape! No matter what you're into, Lumberjax is a tobacco line that's well worth the trip. The trip to VistaVapors.com, that is! Try them all this week for only $10 a bottle! 
VistaCell 50W Mod
Like the Little Engine That Could, the VistaCell 50W is a deceptive little mod that can absolutely crank out the power! Designed to be an easy plug-n-play device, you simply need to turn it on and hit the fire button to begin vaping like the champion you are. Don't pass up on the opportunity to snag one of these great mods at an even greater price of $19 this week only! 
SubVista Coils
Load up on coils for your SubVista tank this weekend for just $10 a pack! One of the most popular items in our store is the SubVista tank, so we know there's a ton of you out there that will definitely need these coils!
That's it for Weekly Deals! Make sure to check them out today and this weekend while you still have the chance. VAPE ON!


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