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ENDS Products "Markedly Safer" Than Combustible Tobacco, ACS Reports

Over the last 6 months, the American Cancer Society has changed its position on the harm of vaping products in relationship to traditional combustible tobacco, and it's good news for ENDS advocates. According to a recent statement released by the head physicians of the ACS, current-generation ENDS products, like vape juice, are, "markedly less harmful than combustible tobacco products" (1).

As described at the beginning of the report, the utmost priority of the ACS is to eliminate cancer caused by tobacco, namely cigarette smoking, which accounts for as much as 98% of all tobacco-related deaths in the United States (2). We are all aware of the well-deserved scrutiny that has been placed on cigarettes over the last several decades, with endless campaigns and warnings issued to encourage consumers to avoid using them, but there has been a recent surge of scrutiny of vaping and e-cigarettes as their popularity has risen.

Many advocacy groups and major news sites, as well as…

Vaping News: How Should We Look at the Future of Vaping?

Greetings, Vapers! In today's blog, we'll briefly discuss the current climate around vaping and ejuice in the News, and we'll leave you with a link to a very interesting article regarding teen vaping and the meteoric rise of the Juul e-cig.

As far as News goes, things are just about where you'd think they are. Although there's a larger quantity of available (and accurate) data showing the real impacts of vaping on public health, there's still a ton of opposition from special interest groups and others. While many News organizations have found a way to capitalize on the inflammatory headlines they've created, they're also failing to paint an accurate picture of the data that's been made available. In many cases, the most-read or most-viewed content uses data from studies that are either out-of-date, or they're inaccurately reporting on the data to further align with their narrative. In other cases, News outlets are outright lying about the data t…

Vape Kits for On-the-Go

During the summer months, especially in our home state of Minnesota, it's important to get outside and get active. However, when you've got a bulky vape with you, it's tough to enjoy your time outside and not be worried about your vape breaking or spilling vape juice in your pocket. Today, we'll go over some options for you active vapers out there that need their time outside, and a vape that can withstand those conditions!

Suorin Air A great starter kit for anyone looking to get into vaping, the Suorin Air can also be a great little kit for anyone that's looking to be outside and moving around! Due to its tiny form-factor and excellent construction, it can be the perfect vape to slide in your pocket for when you're on a job site, out on the lake, or even when you're out at the bar with friends! With a simple on/off switch as its only "button", you really can't get much simpler than the Suorin Air. 
2 In 1 Phantom Kit Much like the Suorin Air, t…