How to Take Care of Your Vape in the Summer!

If you're like those of us that reside in Minnesota, you look forward to summer the way a dog looks forward to its evening treat! While you're wagging your tail for all this summer fun, keep in mind there are a few extra steps you'll want to take to make sure your vape and vape juice don't fall victim to the heat and you're fully prepared for your adventures in the sun! In today's blog, we'll go over some of those steps and get you all set for the summer months!

1. Bring Extras - One of the most overlooked steps to prepare for summer fun is to bring extra coils, batteries, a charger, and if you're planning on being extra-active, an extra tank and mod. While it might add a little extra weight and take up some extra space in your pack, you'll be really pleased with yourself if something were to happen to your device. If you're only planning on being out for a short while, get yourself a battery case to bring an extra pair with you!
E-Cig Mod Kit with Spare Batteries
Bring Extra Batteries in a Silicone Case
That way, you're not left stranded with no battery-life remaining! Traveling with your extras is something to be mindful of also. Be sure to pack them safely, and in a place that's out of the sunlight and heat.

2.  Stay Cool - You're already cool, in the "You're Awesome" sense of the term, but this summer you might find that it's difficult to keep your vape from getting really warm out in the sun. An easy way to deal with this is to either purchase a carrying case for your vape, which can have other perks (we'll discuss those later), but you can also just try to find a safe and out-of-the-sun location to store your vape gear. If you're not interested in a carrying case, it's as easy as getting a plastic sandwich bag and storing your items inside it in the shade or in your glovebox. Not only will this keep your stuff out of the heat, but it will also keep it all in the same place. When you're ready to leave wherever you're at, just grab your bag of stuff and you're on your way!

3. Avoid Water and Sand - You're free to explore the shores and beaches of the world all you want, in fact, we encourage it! It's summer! Get out there! However, don't bring your vape with you. Or, bring your gear in a carrying case. Whatever you choose to keep your items safe, you'll thank yourself. You know how it works with sand, right? No matter how much time you spend at the beach, you always end up with sand in your shoes, socks, and other places you'd rather there not be any sand. Your vape works in the same way. If it spends time near the sand, it will probably end up with sand in or on it. Sand and vapes do not agree, and more often than not sand wins that battle. Take the extra step to put your gear in a closed container, and you should be just fine!

4. Don't Let Your Juice Get Hot - In an effort to avoid an uninvited chemistry lesson, we'll keep the explanation for this one brief. As your juice gets warmer, it will become "thinner" and will get runny. It's best to avoid this state of runniness, as it will definitely have an effect on how the juice wicks into the cotton of your coils, and it may even begin to adulterate the flavor of the juice over time. There are a ton of great ways to avoid letting your juice get hot, one of the easiest is storing your bottle in a cool, dark place. Another may be to use smaller bottles for your ejuice, so you can keep one in your pocket or bag, and the rest of it can be left back in the car, cabin, or your house. No matter what you choose, just make sure to keep your juice safe and cool. You don't want to deal with the runny mess of warm ejuice!

Use these tips to check off "vape gear" on your list of stuff to worry about on a hot day! Get out there and enjoy the sun! After all, that's why we're here, isn't it?



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