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CDC Study: Evaluation of Chemical Exposures at a Vape Shop

In a study produced by the CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services titled, "Evaluation of Chemical Exposures at a Vape Shop", in 2017, the DHHS and CDC studied the volume of airborne chemicals in a vape shop after employees and customers used vape juice in the store. What they found is very promising for the vaping industry, and proves (again!) the value of unbiased research over outside-funded studies meant to prompt public unrest. Let's dive into the study and see what we learned, shall we?

According to the highlights of the study provided in the write-up, the focus of the study was to evaluate the air quality in a particular vape shop for many of the chemicals as-named by the mainstream media and anti-vaping groups. What they found was really important for vapers and their health; a negligible quantity of each chemical was reported in the air, or, a "below occupational exposure limits" amount, which means two things: 1. Vaping still isn't 10…

New E-Juice Options at VistaVapors!

We take serious pride in our vape juice here at VistaVapors, and we're very excited to present to you the newest additions to our lineup! As a way to make it easier for new customers to try eJuices, and as a way for our existing customers to try a "one-stop" product, we've introduced the Fruit and Candy Sample Packs for only $17.99! Read below for more information on these great deals!

Our Fruit Sample Pack features the Top 5 Fruit flavors as reviewed by our customers! You'll find some delicious blends here, including Wild Berry and Razzleberry, as well as individual favorites like Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry! Wild Berry, as made famous by Vapin' Heathen on YouTube, is actually our Top-Selling flavor right now! It's a great blend of berries that you won't be able to set down! Blue Raspberry is another ultra-favorite from our customers, and if you're looking for something sweet and flavorful, don't sleep on Blue Raspberry! Anoth…

Tips and Tricks: How to Change Your Vape Coils the Right Way

Changing your coils out can be a real pain. Whether you'd like to change out which vape juice you're using, or you simply burned out the old one, putting a new coil in your tank doesn't have to be such a tedious process. In today's blog, we're going to share a few helpful steps you can take to make changing your coils an easy process!

1. Wait to change coils until your tank is almost empty - As simple as it sounds, this can be the most annoying part of changing your coils. If you start the process with a full tank, chances are pretty high you're going to spill some juice. Even if your coil is getting to the point that the flavor isn't great anymore, it's worth the wait. You don't want to spill juice everywhere!

2. Juice up the new coil before you install it into the tank - This one is also pretty straightforward, however, if done correctly, the break-in process can go a lot quicker! The easiest way to do this is to drip your juice of choice onto the…