Alex's Top 5 Favorite Vape Juices!

Ever wonder what the employees at VistaVapors choose for their vape juice? Which flavors they think are the best on our site? If so, today's blog should be one you enjoy! We're going to cover Alex's Top 5 Favorite Vape Juices at VistaVapors! Enjoy, and give them a try! Here's what he had to say:

Mud Bath Vape Juice
5. Mud Bath from the Dirty Pig Line - Are you a fan of Caramel Apples? How about Cotton Candy? What about together?! That's essentially what Mud Bath is, actually! I'm a huge fan of both of those flavors, but I guess I'd never imagined what they might taste like together until I tried Mud Bath for the first time. It's pretty sweet, which is the only reason it's not my "#1" flavor of all time. I can usually vape a full 30ml of it before I'm interested in switching to one of my ADV's, but seriously, this flavor is so good. It's a really nice "candy" flavor that I think anyone would enjoy, if not LOVE!

Sour Grapes Vape Juice
4. Sour Grapes from the Sucker Up Line - Here's the deal, I am not a "grape" flavor person. For me, anything and everything "grape", except for actual grapes for some reason, just reminds me of medicine and I don't enjoy it. However, this flavor is incredible. I love sour things, like LOVE sour things, so when Sour Grapes was presented to me to try, I was a little hesitant but because of the sour, I thought I might enjoy it. I was correct. Like, super correct. Sour Grapes is the perfect combination of sour and grape flavor - it seriously makes my mouth water after I vape. It's so good. Honestly,  I would say, "this might actually be the best Vape Juice of all time", but that would be biased. So, I'll just tell you, "I think this might actually be the best Vape Juice of all time". As I said, I am not a grape person, and this flavor turned me into a grape person. Just sayin'.

Blue Raspberry Vape Juice
3. Blue Raspberry - As a "Regular" vape juice flavor on our site, you might think, "Don't you have Premium flavors that are better than this?" The answer to that is: Yes. We do have better flavor than this, but Blue Raspberry definitely belongs on this list. It's a customer favorite for a good reason, it's exactly what you'd imagine "Blue Raspberry" would taste like. It's very sweet, but not too sweet, and has that kind of tanginess that you look for in berry flavors. If you're trying to stay within the "regular flavor" realm at our website, I highly recommend trying Blue Raspberry. You will not be disappointed.

Sour Raspberries n Cream Vape Juice
2. Sour Raspberries n Cream - Again with a "regular" flavor, Sour Raspberries n Cream is pretty much right up my alley. As I mentioned before, I love sour flavors, but I'm not a huge fan of grape flavors. So, when we started making Sour Raspberries n Cream, I was over the moon. I tried it pretty much instantly and fell in love on the spot. It sits at #2 on my list because it's truly an ADV for me. I can vape this flavor for months on end and never get tired of it. More importantly, it never loses flavor. Whether it's the first vape on this flavor in a month, or if it's the 90th day in a row that I'm vaping it, I get the same tangy and sour raspberry flavor with a creamy finish. It's a top-notch flavor, and I can't recommend it enough. If you're looking for something different, give this a shot. You'll be so happy!

Tropical Snowman Vape Juice
1. Tropical Snowman from Happy Tongue - With this flavor, I honestly cannot say anything other than it is my favorite vape juice of all time. I know earlier I mentioned that Sour Grapes may be the best vape juice ever, and I still stand by that. However, since this is a list of my Top 5 favorites, it's a no-contest for #1. Tropical Snowman covers all of the bases for my particular juice profile interests. It's got a touch of sour, a touch of tangy fruit, a touch of cream, and it blends really well. Unlike some flavors, you don't really get a different taste on the inhale than you do on the exhale with Tropical Snowman. All the way through, it just stays true to its profile and remains incredibly flavorful all the way through. I recommend this flavor to everyone I know that vapes, and it doesn't stop here. I'll continue to promote this flavor for as long as I vape, not because we sell it at VistaVapors, but because it is my favorite vape juice in the entire world. I vape it all day, every day. Give it a shot and you will too!


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