Today's blog is all about sub-ohm tanks; here at VistaVapors, we love ourselves some sub-ohm tanks! Our passion for making high-quality and flavorful vape juice was made even more passionate by the evolution of sub-ohm tanks, and today, we can't wait to share with you what we think are the best sub-ohm tanks of 2018! We'll start with Number 3 and work our way to Number 1!

Number 3: eLeaf ELLO Vate Tank
eLeaf ELLO Vate 
This tank arrives on the eLeaf iStick Pico S kit, and is a cloud producing machine! One of the major positives of this tank is the fact that it holds around 6.5ml of vape juice, which is a dream for people who don't look forward to filling their tank. Another plus is the fill-method; featuring a "slide-to-open" top cap, something that's becoming a staple in tank designs, you'll be able to easily open the tank, fill it up, and close it without worrying about spilling juice while you're at it. On top of that, the flavor quality in this tank is, well, awesome! It could be due to the construction of the chimney and the airflow, with the air being so close to the coil head, it doesn't have far to travel before it hits your coil. But, it could also just be related to the construction of the coil heads. In almost every case, we've noticed that the build quality of the coils is really top-notch, something we've grown to expect from eLeaf! For the above reasons, we rate the eLeaf ELLO Vate tank to be the Number 3 Best Sub-Ohm tank of 2018! Don't agree with our rating? Let us know in the comments!

Number 2: SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank
SMOK TFV12 Prince
As usual, SMOK came flying back onto the scene this year with another "Beast" of a tank, this time, the Prince! With a myriad of coil options, you'll see that no matter what kind of vape you're looking for, you'll find it. That's Plus number one for this device; number 2 is a bit more subtle. With regards to coil construction, it's safe to admit that SMOK hasn't always had the greatest attention to quality control. With past tanks, it's felt like some of the coils aren't as high quality as others. Well, with the Prince, you've got nothing to worry about! In our experience, SMOK really upped their quality control game, and has been producing nothing but quality coils with both mesh and round-wire construction in the recent months! On top of the great coil options and quality, the design and capacity of the tank are something worth noting! With a massive 8ml capacity and a swivel-top filling design, you're going to stay full on vape juice for a long time, and it'll be easy to top off your tank when necessary. Finally, as far as the quality of vape goes, it's as incredible as you'd expect. Enormous clouds and decadent flavor are all you'll find when using this tank, and for those reasons, it lands at Number 2 on our list! Don't agree with our rating? Let us know in the comments!

Number 1: FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank
FreeMax Mesh Pro
Safely, and without question, finding itself in the Number 1 spot on our Top Tanks of 2018 list, the FreeMax Mesh Pro is the penultimate sub-ohm tank featuring innovative coils, incredibly easy-to-use features, and a look that sets itself a part, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more suitable sub-ohm tank for the cloud chasers out there! Starting with the innovative coil design, the FreeMax Mesh Pro features a single-mesh coil, a double-mesh coil, and a triple-mesh coil. You read that correctly, three mesh coils in one! The really neat thing about the coil design is that FreeMax obviously thought about the amount of juice those coils were going to go through, so they intelligently included a wider "wicking slot" in a few different places on the coil. Doing this allows for more efficient wicking, as well as preventing hot-spots and dry hits by allowing a ton of juice to enter the coil head after each puff. This phenomenon is really easy to notice, too, since after pretty much every drag there's a ton of bubbles floating to the top of the tank! Outside of the coils, the filling port is really wide and easy to use. Unlike some other tanks, the sliding mechanism "clicks" into place rather than being left to move around aimlessly! Also, you'll find that the kidney-shaped filling hole is really quite large, and fits all bottle-tips, which is a must-have in today's market! Finally, along with the delightful color scheme, the structure of the tank does a better job of protecting the glass, as it protrudes from the top and bottom of the tank, rather than running flush with the "non-bubble" portions of the tank. As you can see in the picture, the bubble is pretty much in-line with the top cap, protecting your glass from damage! It's the long list of amazing features that bring this tank to the top of our list of Best Sub-Ohm Tanks of 2018! Don't agree with our rating? Let us know in the comments!


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