How do I get started Vaping?

Vaping an Electronic Cigarette

Vaping truly is a one-of-a-kind technology. If you look at the history of technology and how it's evolved, you'll see solutions to problems everywhere; that's what's made technology so valuable to our society. Vaping and vape juice absolutely fit in this category of tech, but the major difference is this: Vaping is one of the few pieces of technology deliberately designed as a means of saving consumers from the "non-tech" alternative option.

There are other technologies that fit in this category as well. Driving assistance technology in new cars is a great example. It's safer to allow the vehicle to navigate a dangerous patch of road than it is to navigate it yourself, especially if it's an unknown scenario. Another example would be Bluetooth connections and hands-free connections in cars. More accidents are caused by distractions than anything else, and car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. How do you solve this problem? Take the distraction out of their hands and away from their gaze! When it comes to vaping, the alternative, as you know, is smoking cigarettes - arguably one of the most dangerous habits known to man. Unfortunately for some smokers, the idea of quitting sounds amazing, but they just don't know where to start. When laws were passed requiring the use of a hands-free device for using your cell phone in the car, what did car companies do? They installed Bluetooth devices into the car stereo system, making it easy for anyone purchasing a new car to make the switch. What if you couldn't get a new car? Well, those same tech companies developed products that could adapt an older stereo to allow for a Bluetooth or wireless connection! If the ultimate goal is to help people quit smoking, are vaping tech companies developing products that make it easier than before? Yes they are! Let's dig in!

In the beginning of the Vaping Boom, the only devices you could find didn't function all that well and had tons of design flaws, but it was the beginning! We had no idea what developers had in store for us. Fast-forward about 5 years, and you've entered an age when quitting smoking with vaping is easier than ever before! One reason for this is Pod System-style devices. While the original "all-in-one" cig-alike devices were, and still are, popular, they never seem to taste quite right and you don't get to choose what flavors or nicotine strength your juice is. For many people, this is a huge turn-off. They might try a device a few times and decide, "this isn't for me" and head right back to cigarettes. As unfortunate as that is, it's reality. However, if you're on the fence with vaping or are looking to quit smoking, I'm here to tell you that your best bet for getting started quitting isn't to purchase a cig-alike at the gas station or local tobacco shop. I would instead encourage you to try something like the Suorin iShare or the Sourin Drop

Pod System devices allow you the freedom to select your vape juice preferences like flavor, nicotine strength, and PG/VG blend, but function in the exact same way as those original cig-alike devices! In order to use them, all you've got to do is draw on the mouthpiece. That's it! Make sure it's charged, pod the pod in after filling it up with your favorite vape juice, and take a drag! It's really that simple, and that's why we recommend them current smokers looking to quit. Rather than make the process more difficult than smoking, why not make it easier than smoking? That's exactly what these manufacturers have done, and the effectiveness of vaping as a quit-smoking technology has only increased since their inception.

So, let's answer the question, shall we? How do I get started vaping? Our recommendation: Try a Pod System vape and see how it works for you. If you enjoy the feel and function, you may just have your hands on the quit method that helps you set down those cigarettes for good.

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