OPINION: Dr. Hilary Jones UK "Go vape!"

Dr. Hilary Jones is a British General Practitioner, Author, TV personality, and Public Speaker, and has spent much of his life providing medical advice both to other doctors as well as citizens alike. Just this morning, his opinion piece in The Sun, a British and Irish publication, was released. He makes some very powerful arguments in favor of vaping and vape juice, and we think you're really going to enjoy what he wrote. Here's a sample, followed by a link to the remainder of the article:

"MANY people still believe that vaping is just as bad for you as smoking ordinary cigarettes. But it isn’t. They also think that because you are inhaling nicotine in the vapour of e-cigarettes you are just as likely to get lung cancer as you would smoking tobacco. You are not. There are also worries that vaping will act as a gateway for young people, who have never smoked, to progress to traditional cigarettes and ruin their health as a result. They are fears, too, that it will “normalise” smoking again just when public health campaigns are managing to help more people permanently quit smoking than ever before. All the evidence, however, says that this just is not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, as a doctor I’d prefer it if nobody smoked OR vaped.

Years ago, as medical students, who should have known better, many of us smoked a little — often to disguise the awful, lingering smell of the cadavers we had to dissect in the anatomy room. But we soon stopped when we saw with our own eyes what the long-term effects of smoking did to the human body.

In the Pathology Museum we would see a nice healthy pink lung sat pickled in a jar of formaldehyde right next to another lung, black with tar and soot from smoking, at the centre of which was a hard, pearly white grapefruit-sized knuckle of cancer with tentacles reaching out into other adjacent organs including the liver and brain.

Smoking kills.

Later, as qualified doctors on the wards, we saw the horrendous consequences of it.

People who could not breathe without oxygen tanks, people suffering heart attacks or strokes, or undergoing amputations or voicebox removal for throat cancer.

We saw — and still see — the damage done to unborn babies of expectant mothers, who remain addicted, and the increased risk of chest and ear infections from passive smoking, and meningitis and leukaemia in infants, who live in smoking households.

The medical evidence is irrefutable. Smoking tobacco is bad news.

But vaping is different..."

The rest of the article can be found here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7550053/go-vape-e-cigs-better-than-regular-cigarettes/

Take the time and give it a read. You'll find tons of really valuable data, as well as some very moving anecdotes regarding the things he's witnessed in the lives of smokers and vapers alike.

While we cannot speak to the rest of his body of work, we are proud that a powerful and credible voice in the medical community has stood up and acted on what he believes to be the truth. After all, that's all you want from your doctor anyway, right? To be honest? We thought so, too.


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