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The Best Method to Break-In Your New Coils

Although arguably the most important part of any vape experience is still the e juice, one of the most important parts about getting started with your new vape coil is making sure it's broken-in properly. There aren't many worse things than burning out a fresh coil when it comes to vaping. That's not the only thing you need to keep your eye on, though, so in today's blog, we'll try to cover each and every detail necessary for breaking in your newest vape coils. Without further ado, let's begin!

Once you get a new device, you'll first want to break-in the coils. Doing so is very easy, but it can be a bit tedious. Start by dripping a few drops of juice onto the coil that's inside the tank, not so much that it floods everywhere, but enough that the cotton begins to look wet on the inside. After that, drip a few drops into the slots on the outside of the coil as well - continue that process until those holes appear to have fully saturated cotton. From there…

How To Clean Your Vape Tank

For those who've recently quit smoking and started vaping or those who simply seek some advice for properly managing their vape equipment, today's blog is for you! Cleaning your vape tank is exceptionally important, especially before you change out your coil and filling it with vape liquid.

While some tanks allow you to keep the juice you've got left in your tank when you change your coil, we recommend trying your best to vape through the rest of that juice before making the switch. That way, you can dismantle the tank and clean it out before screwing in a new coil and your favorite vape juice.

Cleaning your tank is very easy, but it requires a few steps. Some tanks allow you to dismantle the entire thing, while others stay semi-intact in the dismantling process. To begin the cleaning process, take your tank apart completely so all of the pieces are separate from one another. From there, get a paper towel or napkin handy, and run each individual piece under warm water. Pie…

Top 5 Vape Juices to Help Quit Smoking

Smoking grabs a hold of your life in ways that no other activities do. Whether you're forced to spend time outside in the cold to satisfy your cravings or you're watching your bank account plummet each time you visit a convenience store, you want to get out of the cycle. We totally understand that. Instead of letting the cycle continue for months, years, or even decades, you can begin your journey to quit smoking today. In today's blog, we'll lay out what we've found to be the Top 5 Vape Juices at our website to help people move away from cigarettes for good!

1. American Tobacco - If you like vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, you might be craving a tobacco-like taste. Luckily, our American Tobacco e-liquid is sure to do just the trick. It has the all-American tobacco taste that you're used to, but it's available in an e-juice just for vaping. For those who are looking for an everyday vape that is similar to the cigarettes that the…