How To Clean Your Vape Tank

For those who've recently quit smoking and started vaping or those who simply seek some advice for properly managing their vape equipment, today's blog is for you! Cleaning your vape tank is exceptionally important, especially before you change out your coil and filling it with vape juice.

While some tanks allow you to keep the juice you've got left in your tank when you change your coil, we recommend trying your best to vape through the rest of that juice before making the switch. That way, you can dismantle the tank and clean it out before screwing in a new coil and your favorite vape juice.
VistaSingle Tank

Cleaning your tank is very easy, but it requires a few steps. Some tanks allow you to dismantle the entire thing, while others stay semi-intact in the dismantling process. To begin the cleaning process, take your tank apart completely so all of the pieces are separate from one another. From there, get a paper towel or napkin handy, and run each individual piece under warm water. Piece by piece, you'll run them under water and dry them with your paper towel. Each piece should be left to dry completely after washing.

Once you get to the "chimney" portion of the tank, you'll want to spend an extra minute scrubbing that section. Whether that means you've got an extra paper towel to assist with the scrubbing, or you use a small pipe cleaner, you'll want to make sure there's no gunk resting inside the chimney section of the tank. Same goes for the bottom of the tank where you screw in the coil. You'll want to clean out the airflow ports as well as the inside of the coil mount to make sure there's no residue like lint or leftover cotton from the coil sitting in there. That can end up getting sucked into the coil when you draw onto the tank and can shorten the life of, or even ruin, your coil. You might not even notice it at first, actually, but when you take your tank apart you'll often find loose cotton or lint (like we mentioned) sitting in the airflow ports.

VistaSingle Tank pulled apart
When putting your tank back together, take a drop of vape juice and apply it to the o-rings, or gaskets, that rest between the glass and the metal parts of your tank. This will not only lubricate and make sure that your tank is easier to put back together, but it can also help to prevent the glass from breaking while you're screwing it all together.

There you have it! An easy guide to cleaning your vape tank! Make sure if you have any questions that you reach out to our support staff at or on the chat function on our website. We'll be readily available and excited to help!

Until next week, have a wonderful day!

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