Top 5 Vape Juices to Help Quit Smoking

Smoking grabs a hold of your life in ways that no other activities do. Whether you're forced to spend time outside in the cold to satisfy your cravings or you're watching your bank account plummet each time you visit a convenience store, you want to get out of the cycle. We totally understand that. Instead of letting the cycle continue for months, years, or even decades, you can begin your journey to quit smoking today. In today's blog, we'll lay out what we've found to be the Top 5 Vape Juices at our website to help people move away from cigarettes for good!

Vista Vapors American Tobacco
1. American Tobacco - If you like vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, you might be craving a tobacco-like taste. Luckily, our American Tobacco e-liquid is sure to do just the trick. It has the all-American tobacco taste that you're used to, but it's available in an e-juice just for vaping. For those who are looking for an everyday vape that is similar to the cigarettes that they're used to, or for those who like the taste of tobacco but who don't want to smoke regular cigarettes, this blend is a perfect option. You can even get a stronger tobacco taste with our boosted flavor option.

Vista Vapors Choice Tobacco
2. Choice Tobacco - American made and proud, Choice Tobacco is a true tobacco flavor. This ejuice is made to perfectly capture the essence of a smooth non-menthol light cigarette. It hits well, nearly perfectly emulating the rich mouth flavor of your favorite brand of light cigarettes. Like light tobacco, this liquid has a clean and crisp flavor without the heavy undertones of full-flavored tobacco. If you are looking to replace a light cigarette, then this is the ejuice for you. 
Vista Vapors Tobacco Red

3. Tobacco Red - Sometimes you just want real tobacco taste without tobacco. Tobacco Red is the real thing without being the real thing. It has that deep bodied, rich and full flavored taste of a classic full strength cigarette. It's strong and smooth, like a tobacco cigarette from a red box. There is no sweetness nor a chemical aftertaste to ruin your vaping experience. It's that full flavored cigarette replacement that you've been seeking so long.

Vista Vapors Icy Menthol
4. Icy Menthol - When it is time for an icy blast of refreshing vapor, it is time for our Icy Menthol e-liquid. You are going to love its jarringly smooth and minty flavor. This e-juice is what menthol is meant to be. The chilling Arctic rush of menthol of this liquid gives you all of the sharpness and flavor that you want in a menthol vapor. The taste and scent will invade your throat and nose, all the while retaining a smooth, full and satisfying hit that is great whenever you want to vape.

Vista Vapors New Menthol
5. New Menthol - Looking for a blast of delicious Menthol flavor? Look no further! New Menthol will brighten your palate, and your day, with it's fresh and dramatic Menthol kick!

There you have it! If you're looking for something different, maybe a different flavor profile, feel free to reach out to our customer service team here at VistaVapors. They can be reached on Facebook as well as by email at No matter your question, we're here to help. So, don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks for reading today's blog, and have a wonderful day!

We'll see you next week!

- VistaVapors


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