Find a New ADV for 2019!

You might be a smoker right now, or you might be a current vaper; regardless of your smoking/vaping status, part of the beauty of vaping is the ability to change your vape juice whenever you'd like. Whether you've got an ADV already, or you're still searching for that go-to flavor, there's always another flavor out there ready for you to try.

Finding a reliable flavor is a huge part of quitting cigarettes for good. For those of you that have already made the complete switch, you know exactly what we're talking about. For some, the flavor that helps you quit smoking entirely doesn't end up being the flavor you continue to go back to along your vaping journey. For others, you find a flavor that helps you drop cigarettes and vape it until the end of time. For me personally, there are about 5 flavors I can continue to go back to and vape all day long, and in a way, that provides some security to my vaping journey. What if, for example, a flavor you love no longer exists at some point? What if you switch up your vape tank or device and the flavor you love doesn't taste the way you're used to it tasting? You'll want to have a few flavors that you can count on, and that's what today's blog is all about!

Why You Should Find More than Just One Flavor
If you're like me, as I already mentioned, there's a list of flavors that you love and can always go back to. However, I didn't find that list all at one time. It took testing them out in different tanks, at different wattages, and honestly, at different times of the year, to make that list. My list consists of Tropical Snow, Warning: Red, Three Strikes, Radberry Squeeze, and Mud Bath.

One common theme with all of these flavors is that they have a sweet undertone and a fruit overtone. Every single one of them. That, my friends, is what makes up my flavor profile. Which leads me to my next point, your flavor profile is the best way for you to start searching for other All Day Vape contenders to add to your flavor lineup.

If you're someone that loves tobacco flavors, try a myriad of tobacco flavors and see which ones you like best. Maybe try flavors that are a combination of tobacco and other flavors, but stick to your profile and you're bound to find at least a few that work great for you. If you're a menthol vaper, go the same route, try a bunch of menthol flavors to add a couple to your arsenal.

Where Do I Start Looking?
The best way to start looking for more flavors that you'll love is to browse the "people also enjoy", or if you're on the "If you like ____ you might also like" link on every flavor page, and see what other flavors have similar profiles to the one you love. In addition, finding "Sample Packs" with your favorite profiles can help, too. At, we offer a Sample Pack of 5 flavors from each of our flavor categories. Each flavor in the Sample Pack is one of the top 5 purchased flavors from that category. For example, the Tobacco Sample Pack contains American Tobacco, Choice Tobacco, Tobacco Red, Southern Tobacco, and Berrybacco. All of those flavors are very different from one another, but they stick with one consistent theme: Tobacco. If you're a tobacco vaper, we would certainly recommend you give that a try!

Another good place to look would be through the chat service provided on the website. Speaking to a representative from that company about which flavors are similar to the one you love can be a great way to find new flavors to vape! Often, they'll know of at least a handful of flavors worth checking out, and they can always point you in the right direction.

Where Do I Go From Here?
The best next step for you as a vaper, when it comes to finding more flavors to put alongside your current ADV, is to start trying smaller bottles of flavors that fit your profile. I have one piece of advice that is of the utmost importance: DON'T BUY LARGE BOTTLES OF FLAVORS YOU'VE NEVER TRIED! There's nothing worse than feeling like you wasted money on something you don't enjoy, and vape flavors are no different. Take it slow. Buy a smaller bottle your first time around, see if you like it, and then get a larger bottle the next time!

That's it for today's blog! We'll be back again soon! Until next time, have an awesome day, and vape on!


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