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What To Do When You Get A New Vape Kit!

Getting a new Vape Kit is, let's face it, one of the most exciting things ever when you're a vaper. That moment when the mailman leaves your mailbox, and you speedwalk out there to get your new gear - man, there's nothing quite like it. Here's the problem, if you're like me, you pretty much waste no time in getting that bad boy opened and start using it, and often that means completely forgetting to do a few things before you get started. If you forget to immediately start taking care of your vape when you open it up, there's a chance you could ruin it forever. Nobody wants that. So, in order to help you avoid that horrible situation, we've put together a nice checklist of steps to take before you start using your new Vape Kit! Check it out!

1. Read the manual: This might seem like the dumbest thing ever, especially if you've watched reviews and tutorials already, but it's actually a really important step. For example, I recently got myself a VooPoo…