The Bestselling Vape Juice at VistaVapors!

Whether you're new to our website or have been a customer for years, you know that VistaVapors is all about eliquid and customer satisfaction. Those two things are more important to us than anything in the entire world. We often get the question, "What are the bestselling e liquids at your website?" and it's a question we love to answer. However, for those who aren't looking to write an email or give us a phone call, we thought we'd put the answer on display! Today's blog is all about the Bestselling Vape Juice at, and we can't wait to show you. Let's go!

1. Wild Berry

Bursting with bold, full-bodied flavors, our Wild Berry e-juice will tantalize your taste buds! It's the perfect blend of field-fresh strawberries, tart wild raspberries, tangy blackberries and ripe, juicy blueberries, making Wild Berry e-juice a great choice for a smooth, satisfying after-dinner vape.

Here's a 5-Star Review from James D.

"My #1 Flavor
Been shopping at Vista going on 3 years now and tried almost every fruit flavor. Before I discovered Wild Berry, I loved Razzleberry. But now WildBerry is my #1. Just awesome juice. Definitely, have to try it."

2. Icy Menthol

When it is time for an icy blast of refreshing vapor, it is time for our Icy Menthol e-liquid. You are going to love its jarringly smooth and satisfyingly minty flavor. This e-juice is what menthol is meant to be.

The chilling Arctic rush of menthol of this liquid gives you all of the sharpness and flavor that you want in a menthol vapor. The taste and scent will invade your throat and nose, all the while retaining a smooth, full and satisfying hit that is great whenever you want to vape.

Here's a 5-Star Review from Heather B.

"Always a great vapor
I have yet to order vapor from Vista Vapor that I do not like. The icy menthol is like vaping with a stick of mint gum. If you have a high nicotine % make sure you add the flavor boost to offset it. If you like minty, icy menthol is the way to go."

3. Fluff

Long summer days spent at the fair. Sweet, sugary cotton candy dissolving in your mouth. Life at the fair is full of excitement and fun, and you can bring a bit of that feeling home with this e-juice.

Full of the sweet flavor that everyone loves in cotton candy, this e-juice is so tasty. Tasting just like the real thing, you won't be disappointed when you give this e-juice a try. Easy and smooth - and exceptionally sweet - this flavor is something that everyone can love.

Here's a 5-Star Review from Andrew L.

"The juice is good, I really like that I am able to have 9MG nicotine, as 12MG is too much and 6MG makes me want to smoke more. Thank you for that. As for the flavor, it is good, no complaints, though if I could have afforded the boost flavoring I would, I like strong it sweet. Otherwise excellent product and I definitely look forward to buying more from VistaVapors products!"

4. American Tobacco

For those who are looking for an everyday vape that is similar to the cigarettes that they're used to, or for those who like the taste of tobacco but who don't want to smoke regular cigarettes, this blend is a perfect option. You can even get a stronger tobacco taste with our boosted flavor option.

Here's a 5-Star Review from Larry J.

"Enjoyable flavor
I was using the flavored juices and decided to switch back to a regular one and I am really enjoying it."

5. Blue Raspberry

Berries, in all their wonder, are a fantastic flavor for anyone looking to mix the ejuice with a dessert vapor or apple, banana and grape flavors to make one big fruit bowl! On its lonesome, Blue Raspberry offers a sour taste on the intake, followed by a refreshing and sweet flavor on the exhale! It's such a strong and unique eliquid that you'll hardly need to boost it, though you do have the opportunity to boost the flavor.

Here's a 5-Star Review from Ham R. 

10/10 amazing"

Lol, short and to the point. 

There you have it! Our list of the Bestselling Vape Juice at! Check them out today!


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