What To Do If Your Vape Tank Is Leaking!

Many customers over the years have given us a phone call or sent us a message or email about their tank leaking. It happens quite a bit, actually, and probably more than you think! If you're sitting with your vape in your hand, and vape juice leaking out of the airflow holes, here's a couple things to keep in mind: 1. You're not alone and 2. We can probably help you! Read on for our steps to fixing a pesky leaking tank!

Re-Seat Your Coil

Make sure your coil sits flush
This might not make a ton of sense, but we'll explain. Sometimes, when your tank is leaking, it's because there's a gap between the threads of the coil and the inside of the tank. This can allow for small amounts of ejuice to leak through into the airflow chamber when you draw on the tank and relieve the built-up pressure. In order to fix this issue, simply take your tank off of your device and tip it upside down. From there, unscrew the bottom of the tank to access the coilhead. Unscrew the coilhead completely from the base, and screw it back in tightly. You should see that the coilhead is completely flush with the base of the tank. Now, put the tank back together and back onto your mod, and get right back to vaping your favorite vape juice! This might solve your leaking issue! But, if it doesn't, read on to our next step...

Replace Your Coil

Sometimes a leaking tank is caused by having a "spent" coilhead, meaning, the coil is no longer capable of wicking vape juice as efficiently as it was when it was brand new. Coilheads tend to burn out and perform worse after long periods of use, so this is something you can expect to happen from time to time. The reason it happens is that the cotton that's inside the coilhead ends up becoming less porous after being heated up by the coil. If the cotton is burned out, it will not wick vape juice like it once did, and often this will cause excess vape juice to leak through the entire coil and out the airflow of the tank. Replace your coil, and you might completely take care of this issue! If not...read on...
Replacing your coil could be the way to fix a leaking tank

Get Thicker Vape Juice

This is probably, of all of the options, the least "readily helpful" option. If you continue to have issues with your vape juice leaking out of your tank, even after re-seating the coilhead and/or changing to a fresh one, you might have to consider getting a thicker blend of vape juice. If you're using a 50/50 blend in a sub-ohm tank, that can absolutely be the cause of your leaking problems. Although unlikely, with certain mouth-to-lung style devices, a 50/50 blend might also be a little too thin for the coil configuration. Changing to a thicker juice will stop the coilhead from wicking the juice too quickly and "overflowing" which can cause your vape juice to leak out of the airflow. As we mentioned, this step can be tedious and will not usually be something you can take care of right away. If you have questions about it, let us know at support@vistavapors.com!

There you have it! Our steps to fixing a leaking tank are fairly simple, but have definitely been our go-to remedies for many years here at VistaVapors!

If you're feeling like you need more help than this blog provided you, please reach out to us! We are here to help!


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